A large number of landholders attended from the Moola area, South Myall and Crows Nest.

Speakers on the day for vegetation management were Kelly Brynt and David Lawler as Dave Hinz was sick.

David suggested that if anyone wished to apply for thinning in remnant they should lodge a pre-lodgement application which means you pay no money up front, but the various departments will check out the possibility of approval .

The cost of a simple  development application for clearing costs $850.

This is just the first cost as there will be consultant fees in addition to this. If you wish to do this process yourself you will need to record the density of trees, prove that it is thicker now than in it’s natural state. Find other similar areas to compare and preferably look up old mapping on google which will show this. Link Q imagery Lot and plan number to old images.

There have been changes to Essential Habits, Koala Habitat, Riverina Watercourse.


·         You must state the purpose of clearing

·         Understand your vegetation

·         Check mapping

·         Consider your clearing options and the exemptions that apply for fire breaks, fences etc

·         Both the landholder and the contractor are responsible for any clearing.

·         If unsure contact the department before clearing.

·         Make sure you are operating under the new code.

Early Detection System

Compliance and monitoring is carried out by EDS every 16 days which checks the canopy and cover.

If there is clearing EDS checks to see if there was a permit and investigates if there wasn’t.

Drought and fires are detected but they do not flag an investigation.

Councils don’t use the EDS.

EDS follow up on complaints from the community about clearing.


Physical and desk top audits may be carried out at anytime on property where development permits were issued.

There is a Statewide landcover and tree study, and this information is supplied to DNR. The satellite for EDS shows pink as bare earth.

Even if you have a permit to thin you CANNOT stick rake.


This covers Brigalow, softwood scrub, belah, in the area.

These numbers are worked out on  what the vegetation cover was  when  European settlement occurred  onwards.

Endangered    only 10% or less remain.

Of concern 10-30% remain

No great concern 30% upwards remain

Rules on vegetation have been implemented following Federal Government decisions with overseas policies.


John spoke on spraying weeds and the need to be careful in the use of chemicals as so many have a residual effect and are harmful to trees.

He suggested using starane instead of Grazon and preferably to use a gas gun (which uses much less chemical) for lantana.

Some of the landholders in Moola have had very good results using mechanical machinery on African Boxthorn.

The on-ground walk at David Lange’s property was very interesting and all speakers were able to show rules and exemptions applied to the vegetation we were visiting.

David Lange’s property where it is identified with trigger mapping.

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