Hardwood plantations Joint Ventures - earn income by being part of a Queensland growth industry

South-east Queensland’s hardwood plantation industry is growing rapidly.

Forestry Plantations Queensland (FPQ) is a leader in hardwood (native eucalypt) plantation establishment and management. Their hardwood estate is expanding at some 1500 ha each year. FPQ's plantations are planted mainly on private lands accessed through land rental agreements.

To support our growing hardwood plantations, they are seeking new relationships with landholders wishing to rent their land for plantation establishment. If you are a private landowner or investor, they would like your involvement to grow native hardwood plantations for sawlog production.

They will pay you a quarterly rent in advance in return for access to your land. 

25 years is required to produce a hardwood sawlog crop and we will establish an agreement with you (a profit-a-prendre agreement) that legally separates our tree crop from your land.

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