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Ashley VolzChair of South Myall Landcare and a member of the NED management committee.
Ashley and his family run a mixed cropping and cattle enterprise on their property at Peranga. Ashley has been aware for some time of the need to better utilise his pastures to maintain carrying capacities throughout the year. Having attended a Mick Alexander Grazing Best Practice workshop, Ashley identified an opportunity to implement a rotational grazing system. 
A paddock roughly 1000 acres in size was split permanently into six sections. This allows Ashley the flexibility of moving a herd through the six sections consecutively at a fixed time interval, ensuring more even grazing pressure across the paddock and more importantly allowing time for the pastures to recover.
With six new sections fenced off, a watering system was needed to service the blocks. A new bore was drilled next to an adjacent hole and equipped with a bore hole mono and diesel engine. The bore pumps up to a tank positioned to gravity feed troughs in the subdivisions.    
Ashley has mentioned pasture recovery as one of the main benefits he first noticed. Having grown up on the property, he was always aware of sections of pasture which were either never grazed or were continuously overgrazed. Subdividing a large paddock ensures more even grazing for the time the cattle are in each particular block because they have less ability to selectively graze as they do in larger paddocks. Strategic placement of watering points also utilises the energy potential of a pasture by decreasing the distance stock have to travel to water. 
Ashley is very happy with the response of his pasture to a rotational grazing system. At this stage there a no immediate plans to replicate this system on the property, although he mentioned that it makes you view the rest of your farm in a new context, so he will be keeping his eye out for more opportunities to manage his grazing systems.

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