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Desley Spies is an active member of her local landcare group and a committee member of NED. Desley lives on a 204 hectare former dairy farm “Luton” at Mt Darry, Kulpi. “

Good pasture establishment and maintenance is a high priority for Desley and approximately 4 years ago a paddock was chosen for pasture establishment. The paddock was steep sloping and covered with spear grass. Native grasses had died out in the drought and because of overgrazing by dairy cows.


Rocks lying on top of the ground had to be scratched back up the hill and when planting conditions were right the paddock was planted with gatton panic, bambatsi, fine cut rhodes, lucerne, premier digit and some katamborra rhodes grass.

The lucerne seed had been planted at 2kg to the hectare and was a failure as not one seed came up. Desley thought the lucerne seed may not have been any good.

The pasture was slashed last year and Desley is considering doing it again and then fertilizing with urea.

Desley said by getting rid of the dairy cows and not over grazing the pasture she had increased the paddocks carrying capacity by 50%.

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