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Margaret lives on her property “Valley View” at Aubigny and is a member of Aubigny Landcare Catchment Group.

 Margaret’s property had problems with washouts and soil loss as originally there was only one contour bank on the property.

Clive Knowles Jackson D.E.R.M. recommended constructing more contours to slow down the flow of water over the property. In 2004 six contour banks were constructed with the bottom two banks constructed as “ponding contours.”

In spring the paddocks were ploughed up and planted with a winter pasture mix supplied by Norco. The pasture consisted of a mix of winter Lucerne, digits, 3 different Rhodes grasses, Green and Gatton panic, creeping blue grass, snail medic, stylo, phalaris and clovers.

The two ponding contours were sown by hand with creeping blue grass. The pasture was then left for 2 years to establish. Kikuyu growing on the fence lines helps to filter the water.

The paddocks are cell grazed with a central watering point as a result where the cattle walk may need to be reseeded. There is the opportunity to cut hay from the pasture as in 2012 the pasture was too high to graze and was baled.

In the future Margaret is considering planting trees for shade and fertilizing the pastures with compost.



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