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Nicki is a member of Gomaren Doctors Creek Landcare Group.

Nicki and her husband Glen live on a property at Cuttella near Kingsthorpe. Their property has a mix of black basalt clay and alluvial soils.

The property had a problem with soil stability so in June 2008 they planted 400 saltbush plants to help with soil stabilization. The paddock was sprayed out with round up and planted by hand with seedlings of De Koch and Eyre’s Green Saltbush. The seedlings were sprayed for weeds when they were small and cattle were restricted access until the seedlings were established. Saltbush seedlings were also planted along the creek bank to see if they would be beneficial in stabilizing the creek bank and Nicki is pleased with the result as there is a marked improvement with stabilization where the saltbush have established. Planting the salt bush has encouraged grass to establish between the plantings and birds are breeding in the long grasses between the saltbush.

In 2009 Nicki attended pasture workshops held by Brian Johnson D.E.E.D.I. After Nicki attended the workshops they decided to establish pasture on an old cultivation paddock. In spring they used a fertilizer spreader to sow the paddock with Bambattsi, Gatton panic, Katambora Rhodes, Woolly Pod Vetch, Barrel Medic and Lucerne.

Nicki and Glen purchased a John Shearer planter with Lucerne tynes and changed the alignment of the tynes, added 2 tynes to the outside and press wheels so oats could be planted into pasture by doing this they  hope to achieve 100% ground cover by cropping oats into dormant winter grasses.

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