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Graham is the chair of North East Downs Landcare Group and Lagoon Creek Landcare Group. Graham and Narelle live on their property “Homewardvale” near Jondaryan. The properties soils are Coolibah/ Yellow Box with land use split between half cultivation and half grazing native grasses.

Graham decided to fence a box timber community to create a wildlife corridor so the box community could regenerate. The project was administered by North East Downs Landcare Group.

The box timber was dying out and not regenerating naturally because the grazing pressure and nutrient overload was too great for the existing native trees to cope with. Native animals, especially Koalas were being exposed when they travelled because there was too great a distance between the box timber communities.

Since the area was fenced off cattle have been excluded and it has not been grazed as large cattle tend to damage trees. However, if the fire risk became too great then controlled grazing of the site would be considered.

Graham may increasing the vegetation area or plant more trees but as they are neighbours with New Hope Coal it may not be viable if the mine was to construct a haulage road or rail link near or through the box timber community.


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