Pioneer Seeds

Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 1975. The company works closely with Australian farmers to develop seed products for local environments.

  • Head office is in Toowoomba on Queensland's Darling Downs and includes an extensive research and development facility.
  • The Pioneer seed conditioning plant, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, is located at Narromine in New South Wales.
  • Canola research is based at Wagga Wagga in the Riverina area of NSW.

In Australia, Pioneer sells seed of hybrid corn, grain sorghum and forage sorghum. It also sells seed of canola hybrids and varieties. Pioneer has crop-specific and multi-crop inoculants for use on various crop silages

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Pacific Seeds

With over 45 years on the Australian agricultural scene, Pacific Seeds has demonstrated its commitment to bringing the best plant genetics and seed technology to Australia’s farming community.

Annually, the Queensland based seed company puts millions of dollars back into research and development and Pacific Seeds’ Australian based breeding programs ensure that the varieties which result are adapted specifically for Australia’s sometimes harsh environment.

The best plant genetics combined with state of the art seed treatments, quality control systems and ongoing trials and testing of existing varieties mean that each time you choose a Pacific Seeds variety your confidence isn’t misplaced.

Pacific Seeds has a history of innovation and achievement and 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of a world first from the company – the release of a canola hybrid.  In line with this, Pacific Seeds has continued its role of innovation in the seed industry with the Australian commercial release of a new low rainfall canola – Juncea Canola, which offers better heat and drought tolerance than existing canola varieties.

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QAS supply pasture seed of highest quality

Emphasis on seed quality

Q.A.S. places particular emphasis on seed quality. After harvesting, the raw product is dried and mechanically cleaned to the highest degree of purity, before samples are drawn for submission to the laboratory.

All seed lines are analysed by an independent seed laboratory for purity and germination levels, according to the rules laid down by the International Seed Testing Association (I.S.T.A.), before being released for sale.

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Seedworld - Pasture Seeds

Grasses and pasture species with uses from landscaping to fodder crops.

We offer a range of tropical,sub-tropical,temperate grasses and legumes.We also have arid species such as salt bush available from stock.Prices are available on request.If you require a species not shown on this list please contact us and we will try to source supplies.

Heritage Seeds

Heritage Seeds is one of Australia’s largest seed companies and is part of the worldwide ROYAL BARENBRUG GROUP, with global seed sales of 212 Million Euro. Together the group acts synergistically across continents for the R&D, production, marketing and export of seed.

Domestic markets include dairying, meat and livestock grazing, sub/tropical agriculture, turf and amenity, reclamation, viticulture, grains and seed coating.

Heritage Seeds is a frequent channel partner to Australian agribusiness; having strategic commercial relationships with both government and commercial agricultural institutions and companies, both nationally and offshore.

The company is proprietary orientated, marketing value-added seed products into established rural distribution channels throughout Australia and overseas. It has a 70-hectare seed research facility located at Howlong, NSW and employs 54 people nation-wide.

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Native Seeds Pty Ltd

Specialist in Australian native grass seeds

Native Seeds Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in growing and selling high quality seed of a range of Australian native grasses. The company has exclusive licences to many specially selected Australian native grass species and types that can be used in a variety of applications including lawns.

Cool and warm season grasses are available for Australian temperate and subtropical zones. These mainly perennial grasses are adapted to Australian climate and soils, are low users of water and many are drought tolerant.

We sell seed in small packets of a few grams to bulk quantities for a range of Australian native grasses. Most popular grasses are

Kangaroo grass Redgrass Wallaby grass Weeping grass.

Native Seeds also sells seed of other Australian grasses such as Spear grass Tussock grass Mitchell grass Queensland or Silky Bluegrass Scented Top grass Cotton Panic grass. Red Anther Wallaby grass

Native Seeds also supplies seed for a range of Australian native shrubs, trees, flowers and grass-like reeds and sedges.

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North East Downs Landcare Public Fund

Heritage Building Society

Account Number: 7485182

BSB: 638-080

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Farm Agronomy

Queensland Water and Landcarers

Condamine Catchment Management association

Landcare Australia