Funding source “Caring for our Country”

Past North East Downs Landcare projects have introduced the concepts of soil carbon and soil biology by involving experts delivering workshops or forums. Feedback from farmers has shown that they want more information.
Project activities will include:
  • * Field days on best practice farms to look at specific soil management practices, including hands on activities. We will also look at whole of farm management practices including cropping and grazing regimes, green manuring, composting
  • * Baseline and 12 month soil microbe test
  • * Soil microbe workshops, where farmers will be able to look at samples of their soils under microscopes
  • * Compost and compost tea workshops
  • * Bus trip to northern NSW to look at advanced in-field application of biological farming practices
  • * Bus trips in the local area to view best practice local landholders operations
  • * Incentives to assist landholders to adopt liquid injection technology

The Project is expected to be completed in 2012-2013.



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