Community Action Grant

CarbonSMART was set up to provide landholders access to the carbon market. To date they have worked with landholders with existing plantings from all over Australia to have them assessed. Check their website to see if your land is eligible. 

They are now investigating ways to use carbon trading to fund new revegetation. They are working with landholders to design a program that suits them. An example would be providing funding to establish a carbon sink on a landholders property in return for some of the carbon sequestered (which is given to the original investor). The landholders would get the majority of the carbon on their site in order to generate a long term annual income. Expressions of interest from landholders interested are sought and the program is hoped to be up an running this year.   

This is not a scheme to make lots of money, more an opportunity to revegetate, help the environment and register your special area to keep it safe.


Landholder who would like to be paid for existing revegetation:

§     Must be existing revegetation after 1989

§     Must be more than 5 ha

§     Must be woody trees over 2m and 20% cover.

(For expressions of interest forms and /or further information click here)


North East Downs Landcare Public Fund

Heritage Building Society

Account Number: 7485182

BSB: 638-080

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